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Xiaomi Engineer Rom ( ENG Rom) Free Download

Xiaomi Engineer Rom ( ENG Rom) Free Download Xiaomi Eng Roms Free Download Without Password..

 Xiaomi Engineer Rom ( ENG Rom) Free Download

What is Xiaomi ENG Rom?

ENG Rom is pure android software that is used in the manufacturing phase of devices. It is used by manufacturers to test the device and make performance measurements during the production phase. This software does not contain any protection. It is not suitable for daily use. The purposes of the software are; It is used to reset devices that cannot be thrown out of the software or encounter errors, the bootloader is not unlocked, and the password is unknown. After this software, you can install Rom on the device via Mi Flash.

How to install ENG Rom?

You can install the software on your devices using the Mi Flash tool with the EDL or Test point method.

WARNING: It is not a software suitable for daily use. You do not need to install it unless there is a need or an essential situation.

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