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Miracle Box 2.89 Cr@ck By GSM X TEAM Fully Offline Without Box FREE

Miracle Box 2.89 Cr@ck By GSM X TEAM Fully Offline Without Box FREE

 Miracle Box 2.89 Cr@ck By GSM X TEAM Fully Offline Without Box FREE

Miracle Box 2.89 Cr@ck No Need Box or Dongle Free 2024

In this post, I have the latest version cr@ck of Miracle Box 2.89 by GSMXTEAM (Acer Gupta) is released free for all users. in the previous version Miracle Box, 2.82 showed a message to all users and stopped working, now Acer Gupta released the new cr@ck version which works offline with no need for server auth to use the tool.

Note Developer:


Today we're releasing Miracle Thunder v2.89. As you know, Miracle Team is now a dead project, in which the previous version was connected to their server which is now obsolete. This version is an offline edition that doesn't rely on their server and is standalone/offline. This is a multi-brand tool packed with many functions. We hope it will be of great help to you.

What is a miracle box?

Miracle Box is a Chinese multipurpose box that supports various CPUs such as Mediatek, Spreadtrum, Qualcomm, etc. It’s a user-friendly interface to perform any task with it such as Flashing, unlocking FRP, writing IMEI, repairing network, etc.

Features Miracle Box:

MTKRead Info, Unlock, Write, Format, Repair, etc.Fix DL Mode, ROOT, Read Network Code, BT Addr Repair, etc.Open USB Debug, Write Preloader, Memory Repartition, etc.
SPDRead Info, Unlock, Write, Format, etc.Factory Reset, Remove Account Locks, Read Efs, Write Efs, etc.Write Flash (EDL Mode, Fastboot Mode), Custom Flasher, Read Format Flash, etc.
QualcommRead Info, Unlock, Reboot, Factory Reset, etc.Factory Reset, Remove Account Locks, Read Efs, Write Efs, etc.Write Flash (EDL Mode, Fastboot Mode), Read Codes (Network), Unlock Bootloader, etc.
CDMA/LG/MIRead Info, File Unlock, Enable Diag, SP Unlock, etc.MI Repair IMEI, LG Reset User Lock, LG FRP Remove, Mi Account Reset, etc.-
Mstar/WRead Info, File Unlock, Write, Format, etc.Nand Flash, Refresh Port, Mstar CPU Auto Detect, etc.-
Coolsand/RDARead Info, File Unlock, Write, Format, etc.Auto Detect Coolsand CPLI, Nand Flash, Refresh Port, etc.-
Android (Home - ADB)Clear Code, Wipe/Factory Reset, ROOT, etc.Sideload ZIP, Wipe Dalvik-cache, Reboot Recovery, Read Pattern Code, etc.-
ADB (Extra)Motorola FRP Reset, Oppo Unlocks, Huawei Enable ADB, etc.Samsung DRK Repair, Oppo Network Unlock, Mi Remove All Lock, etc.-
FastbootRead Info, Write Data, Wipe Userdata, Unlock Bootloader, etc.Vivo Unlock, Lyf Unlock, OnePluo FRP Reset, Vivo Unlock Bootloader, etc.Repair MEID, Enable USB Debug, Moto Bootloader Warning Fix, etc.
Fastboot (Extra)Moto Bootloader Warning Fix, Asus FRP Reset, etc.--
HTC/BCMHTC: Read Info, NCK/NSCK Unlock, Reset FRP, etc.BCM: Flash Mode, Fastboot Mode, Save 2g/3g Cal Data, Erase Before Write, etc.-
AllwinnerRead Info, Wipe/Factory Reset, ROOT, etc.Google Lock Remove, Read Pattern Code, etc.-
NokiaRead Info, Restore Contacts, ROOT, etc..nbO File Extract, Factory Reset, Write Flash, etc.-
LumiaFactory Reset, Read Info, Full Nvi Update, etc.Write Flash, Reboot After Flash, etc.-
AVVarious settings and operations--
MTK FlasherLoad_DA, Scatter Path, Auth Path, Format Device before flash, etc.Write Flash, Format, Format Except BL, etc.-
IntelRepair Security, Format Factory, Read Info, etc.Push, Flash, Factory Reset, Unroot, Format All, etc.-
XiaomiRead Info, Check Fastboot, Flash Pack, etc.Format All, Reset Micloud, Mi Account Reset (ADB), etc.-
SamsungRead Info, Backup Efs, Factory Reset, etc.Reset FRP (ADB), Reset Frp/Reactivation/EE Locks, Service, etc.Write Flash, Repair DRK, Reset Reactivation/EE Locks, etc.
HuaweiFactory Reset, Flash, Reboot After Flash, Generate Script, etc.--
MTKRead Code (SIM), Unlock (SIM)--
QualcommUnlock, Read Security, Write Security--
HiSiliconRead NV, Write NV, Write Flash--

What's new

Miracle 2.89 Thunder Edition!

Millions of Mobile Support
# Connect Auto CPU
# Connect Model Wise
# Last 8 Year Number 1

[X] Release Note MIRACLE Box & Miracle Thunder V2.89
1. MTK Add Meizu Preloader Port Support.
2. MTK Improve MEIZU Support.
3. Qualcomm Add Auto identify UFS and EMMC.
4. Qualcomm Add MI Prevent Relock(ADB) In ADB Mode.
5. Qualcomm Add MI6, MIUI10 Unlock Account ID.
6. Android Improve MI Disable Account.
7. Fix Some Bugs
8. Add 120+ Models MTK & Qualcomm Add News Models Support:
  • ALCATEL 1215X
  • ALCATEL 1216A
  • ALCATEL 1216X
  • ALCATEL 4003A(pixi3-4 3g)
  • ALCATEL 4003j(pixi3-4 3g)
  • ALCATEL 4009A(pixi3-3.5g 3g)
  • ALCATEL 4009D(pixi3-3.5g 3g ds)
  • ALCATEL 4009E(pixi3-3.5g 3g ds)
  • ALCATEL 4009F(pixi3-3.5g 3g ds)
  • ALCATEL 4009K(pixi3-3.5g 3g )
  • ALCATEL 4009L(pixi3-3.5g 3g )
  • ALCATEL 4009M(pixi3-3.5g 3g )
  • ALCATEL 4009S(pixi3-3.5g 3g )
  • ALCATEL 4009X(pixi3-3.5g 3g )
  • ALCATEL 4013D(Pixi3-4 3G DS)
  • ALCATEL 4013E(Pixi3-4 3G DS)
  • ALCATEL 4013J(Pixi3-4 3G DS)
  • ALCATEL 4013K(Pixi3-4 3G DS)
  • ALCATEL 4013M(Pixi3-4 3G DS)
  • ALCATEL 4013T(Pixi3-4 3G DS)
  • ALCATEL 4013X(Pixi3-4 3G DS)
  • ALCATEL 4014A(pixi 2 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4014D(pixi 2 3G ds)
  • ALCATEL 4014E(pixi 2 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4014K(pixi 2 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4014M(pixi 2 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4014X(pixi 2 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4015A(POP C1 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4015D(POP C1 3G DS)
  • ALCATEL 4015N(POP C1 3G DS)
  • ALCATEL 4015T(POP C1 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4015X(POP C1 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4016A(POP C1 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4016D(POP C1 3G DS)
  • ALCATEL 4016X(POP C1 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4017A(Pixi 4-3.5 3G DS)
  • ALCATEL 4017D(Pixi 4-3.5 3G DS)
  • ALCATEL 4017E(Pixi 4-3.5 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4017F(Pixi 4-3.5 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4017S(Pixi 4-3.5 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4017X(Pixi 4-3.5 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4018A(POD D1 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4018D(POD D1 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4018E(POD D1 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4018F(POD D1 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4018M(POD D1 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4018X(POD D1 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4022D(Pixi 3-3.5 Firefox 3G Ds)
  • ALCATEL 4022X(Pixi 3-3.5 Firefox 3G Ds)
  • ALCATEL 4024D(PIXI First 3G Ds)
  • ALCATEL 4024E(PIXI First 3G Ds)
  • ALCATEL 4024X(PIXI First 3G Ds)
  • ALCATEL 4027A(PIXi 3-4.5 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4027D(PIXi 3-4.5 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4027N(PIXi 3-4.5 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4027X(PIXi 3-4.5 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4028A(PIXI 3-4.5 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4028E(PIXI 3-4.5 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4028J(PIXI 3-4.5 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4028S(PIXI 3-4.5 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4032A(POP C2 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4032D(POP C2 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4032E(POP C2 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4032X(POP C2 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4033A(POP C3 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4033D(POP C3 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4033E(POP C3 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4033X(POP C3 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4034A (PIXI 4-4 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4034D (PIXI 4-4 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4034E (PIXI 4-4 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4034F (PIXI 4-4 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4034G (PIXI 4-4 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4034M (PIXI 4-4 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4034N (PIXI 4-4 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4035A(POP D3 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4035D(POP D3 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4035X(POP D3 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4035Y(POP D3 3G)
  • ALCATEL 4036E(POP D3 3G DS)
  • ALCATEL 4037A(POP D3 3G )
  • ALCATEL 4037X(POP D3 3G )
  • ALCATEL 5010D(PIXI 4-5 3G DS)
  • ALCATEL 5010E(PIXI 4-5 3G DS)
  • ALCATEL 5010G(PIXI 4-5 3G DS)
  • ALCATEL 5010S(PIXI 4-5 3G DS)
  • ALCATEL 5010U(PIXI 4-5 3G DS)
  • ALCATEL 5010X(PIXI 4-5 3G DS)
  • ALCATEL 5012F(PIXI 4-5.5G 3G)
  • ALCATEL 5012G(PIXI 4-5.5G 3G)
  • ALCATEL 5015A(POP 3-5 3G)
  • ALCATEL 5015D(POP 3-5 3G)
  • ALCATEL 5015E(POP 3-5 3G)
  • ALCATEL 5015X(POP 3-5 3G)
  • ALCATEL 5016A(POP 3-5 3G)
  • ALCATEL 5016J(POP 3-5 3G)
  • ALCATEL 5017A(Pixi 3-4.5 LTE)
  • ALCATEL 5017B(Pixi 3-4.5 LTE)
  • ALCATEL 5017D(Pixi 3-4.5 LTE)
  • ALCATEL 5017E(Pixi 3-4.5 LTE)
  • ALCATEL 5017G(Pixi 3-4.5 LTE)
  • ALCATEL 5017O(Pixi 3-4.5 LTE)
  • ALCATEL 5017W(Pixi 3-4.5 LTE)
  • ALCATEL 5017XS(Pixi 3-4.5 LTE)
  • ALCATEL 5019D(Pixi 3-4.5 LTE)
  • ALCATEL 5022D (POP Star 3G Ds)
  • ALCATEL 5022E (POP Star 3G Ds)
  • ALCATEL 5022F (POP Star 3G Ds)
  • ALCATEL 5022N (POP Star 3G Ds)
  • ALCATEL 5022X (POP Star 3G Ds)
  • ALCATEL 5023E(PIXi 4 Plus 3g Power)
  • ALCATEL 5023F(PIXi 4 Plus 3g Power)
  • ALCATEL 5025D
  • ALCATEL 5025E
  • ALCATEL 5025G
  • ALCATEL 5025N
  • ALCATEL 5025X
  • ALCATEL 5036A
  • ALCATEL 5036D
  • ALCATEL 5036F
  • ALCATEL 5036X
  • ALCATEL 5037A
  • ALCATEL 5037E
  • ALCATEL 5037X
  • ALCATEL 5038A
  • ALCATEL 5038D
  • ALCATEL 5038E
  • ALCATEL 5038X
  • ALCATEL 5041D
  • ALCATEL 5045A
  • ALCATEL 5045D
  • ALCATEL 5045F
  • ALCATEL 5045G
  • ALCATEL 5045L
  • ALCATEL 5045T
  • ALCATEL 5045X
  • ALCATEL 5045Y
  • ALCATEL 5070D
  • ALCATEL 5070S
  • ALCATEL 5070T
  • ALCATEL 5070X
  • ALCATEL 5116J
  • ALCATEL 5138E
  • ALCATEL 6012A
  • ALCATEL 6012D
  • ALCATEL 6012E
  • ALCATEL 6012X
  • ALCATEL 6032A
  • ALCATEL 6032X
  • ALCATEL 6037B
  • ALCATEL 6037K
  • ALCATEL 6037Y
  • ALCATEL 6040A
  • ALCATEL 6040D
  • ALCATEL 6040E
  • ALCATEL 6040X
  • ALCATEL 6042D
  • ALCATEL 6043A
  • ALCATEL 6043D
  • ALCATEL 7040A
  • ALCATEL 7040D
  • ALCATEL 7040E
  • ALCATEL 7040F
  • ALCATEL 7040K
  • ALCATEL 7041D
  • ALCATEL 7041X
  • ALCATEL 7042A
  • ALCATEL 7042D
  • ALCATEL 7042E
  • ALCATEL 7045A
  • ALCATEL 7045Y
  • ALCATEL 7047A
  • ALCATEL 7047D
  • ALCATEL 7047E
  • ALCATEL 7049D
  • ALCATEL 7054T
  • ALCATEL 8008D
  • ALCATEL 8008X
  • ALCATEL 8020D
  • ALCATEL 8020X
  • ALCATEL 8030B
  • ALCATEL 8030y
  • ALCATEL 8050D
  • ALCATEL 8050E
  • ALCATEL 8050G
  • ALCATEL 8050X
  • ALCATEL 9002A
  • ALCATEL 9002W
  • ALCATEL 9002X
  • ALCATEL 9003A
  • ALCATEL 9003X
  • ALCATEL 9005G
  • ALCATEL 9005X
  • ALCATEL 9010X
  • ALCATEL J320
  • ALCATEL p320X
  • ALCATEL P321
  • Azumi Iro A4Q
  • Blu Energy Max 4G
  • Blu Studio G Mini
  • Cobalt T7 Wifi
  • Condor L1
  • Condor PLUME P8 PRO SP-621
  • Greentel X1
  • IRBIS TZ55
  • Lephone W7
  • Mobicel V4
  • MyPhone Q-Smart III premio
  • Plaisio Turbox A
  • Premio P610
  • Redmi 6 Pro
  • Turk Telekom TT175
  • Xiaomi Max3

How To Use?

  1. First, you need to download the zip file from the below link
  2. Next, you can unzip all files at c: drive (important)
  3. Ensure you have disabled the antivirus before running the installation
  4. Next, open the folder and install the setup file with some basic instruction

  1. Run the "XTM_mIRAcle_tHUNDER V2.89.exe"
  2. Next, ask you for your name simply enter any name
  3. Next, execute the loader click on the "Start" button to run the loader, and the miracle cr@ck is open in a few seconds only
  4. Next, you can install all drivers if you already installed skip this step
  5. Connect the phone and try to do any function
  6. Enjoy !!!


Miracle Box 2.89 Cr@ck FREE Tool HalabTech Files Free 856.2MB FREE ZIP

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