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IKU_A6_V10_20200824__PPR1.180610.011__A6 IKU A6 Firmware Free Download Without Password. IKU_A6_V10_20200824


Created by Infinity-Box (c) 2020
Chinese Miracle II : Spreadtrum / UniSoc Service Module
Device Info file   : _Android_info.txt

Patch Level    : PPR1.180610.011
Display ID     : IKU_A6_V10_20200824
Ver. Incmt     : 33215
Ver. CodeName  : REL
Ver. Release   : 9
Sec. Patch     : 2020-07-05
Build Time     : 24.08.2020
Product Model  : A6
Product Brand  : iKU
Product Name   : A6
Product Device : A6
Product Board  : sp7731e_fs288
Product Manfct : iKU
Product Info   : A6
Board Platform : sp7731e

IKU_A6_V10_20200824__PPR1.180610.011__A6 IKU Mobile HalabTech Files Free 755.72MB FREE ZIP

IKU_A6_V10_20200824__PPR1.180610.011__A6 File Free Download

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