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Spice S5026 Flash File Free Download by

 Spice S5026 Flash File Free Download by

File Information

Device Name: S5026
Model Number: Spice S5026
Brand: Spice Mobile
Android: NO
Country: PAK
File: Spice S5026 Flash File
File Type: Bin
Chip Type: SC6531A

CM2 Dongle SCR Tool File Read Operation 

Operation : Read Flash [ v1.07 ]

1. Power off device
2. Press and hold BootKey or use BootCable
3. Insert cable and battery in device!

Wait for device ... 

Device Connected!
BootVersion : SPRD3
BootSource  :  InternalLibrary
BootVersion : Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.2
Port speed : 921600
FDL Flash  : Control transfered!

Boot Done!

CS0_MEM : SPI : [GIGADEVICE] : GD25Q32 : 0x00400000 [ 4MiB ]

Read Flash Ok, Size : 4.00 MiB

Project Version:   SC6531_BAR
MMI Version:       SC6531_BAR
HW Version:        SC6531_BAR
Saved to : D:\All Data\All Data\Spice\S5026\SC6531_BAR.bin

Elapsed: 00:01:25

Reconnect Power/Cable!

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