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Octopus Box Samsung Software v.3.0.1

Octoplus / Octopus Box Samsung Software v.3.0.1 Release Notes:Added "Read Codes / Repair IMEI / Repair Network" operations for the following devices..

 Octopus Box Samsung Software v.3.0.1

Octoplus / Octopus Box Samsung Software v.3.0.1 Release Notes:

  • Added "Read Codes / Repair IMEI / Repair Network" operations for the following devices: (supported [binary: ALL] for the devices with [knox: ANY] [root: YES])

  • SM-A102N, SM-A102W,
  • SM-A105F, SM-A105FN, SM-A105G, SM-A105M, SM-A105N,
  • SM-A202F, SM-A202FN, SM-A202K,
  • SM-A217F, SM-A217M,
  • SM-A260F, SM-A260G,
  • SM-A205F, SM-A205FN, SM-A205S, SM-A205Y, SM-A205YN, SM-A205K, SM-A205G, SM-A205GN, SM-A205W,
  • SM-A3050, SM-A3058, SM-A305F, SM-A305FN, SM-A305G, SM-A305GN, SM-A305GT, SM-A305N, SM-A305YN,
  • SM-A307FN, SM-A307G, SM-A307GN, SM-A307GT,
  • SM-A405F, SM-A405FN, SM-A405G, SM-A405GN, SM-A405FM, SM-A405S,
  • SM-A505F, SM-A505FN, SM-A505FM, SM-A505G, SM-A505GN, SM-A505GT,
  • SM-A507FN, SM-A5070,
  • SM-A515F, SM-A515FN, SM-A515W,
  • SM-A520F, SM-A520K, SM-A520L, SM-A520S, SM-A520W,
  • SM-A530F, SM-A530N, SM-A530W,
  • SM-A600A, SM-A600AZ, SM-A600U, SM-A600F, SM-A600FN, SM-A600G, SM-A600GN, SM-A600N,
  • SM-A720F, SM-A720N,
  • SM-A750C, SM-A750F, SM-A750FN, SM-A750G, SM-A750GN,
  • SM-G611F, SM-G611FF, SM-G611K, SM-G611L, SM-G611M, SM-G611MT, SM-G611S,
  • SM-G715F, SM-G715FN,
  • SM-G889F, SM-G889A, SM-G889Y,
  • SM-G930F, SM-G930FD, SM-G930U, SM-G930S, SM-G930K, SM-G930L, SM-G930W8,
  • SM-G935F, SM-G935FD, SM-G935U, SM-G935S, SM-G935K, SM-G935L, SM-G935W8,
  • SM-G950F, SM-G950FD, SM-G950N,
  • SM-G955F, SM-G955FD, SM-G955N,
  • SM-G960F, SM-G960N,
  • SM-G965F, SM-G965N,
  • SM-G970F, SM-G970N,
  • SM-G973F, SM-G973N,
  • SM-G975F, SM-G975N,
  • SM-G977B, SM-G977N,
  • SM-G980F, SM-G985F,
  • SM-G981B,
  • SM-G986B, SM-G988B,
  • SM-J400F, SM-J400M, SM-J400G, SM-J400GD,
  • SM-J260A, SM-J260AZ, SM-J260F, SM-J260G, SM-J260M, SM-J260Y,
  • SM-J336AZ,
  • SM-J337A, SM-J337AZ, SM-J337W,
  • SM-J530F, SM-J530FM, SM-J530G, SM-J530GM, SM-J530K, SM-J530L, SM-J530Y, SM-J530YM, SM-J530S,
  • SM-J600F, SM-J600FN, SM-J600G, SM-J600GF, SM-J600GT, SM-J600N, SM-J600L,
  • SM-J720F, SM-J720S
  • SM-J730F, SM-J730FM, SM-J730G, SM-J730GM, SM-J730K, SM-J730M,
  • SM-J737A,
  • SM-M105F, SM-M105G, SM-M105M, SM-M105Y,
  • SM-M107F,
  • SM-M307F, SM-M3070, SM-M307FN,
  • SM-N930F, SM-N930FD, SM-N930S, SM-N930K, SM-N930L,
  • SM-N950F, SM-N950FD, SM-N950N,
  • SM-N960F, SM-N960FD, SM-N960N,
  • SM-N770F,
  • SM-N970F,
  • SM-N971N,
  • SM-N975F,
  • SM-N976F, SM-N976B, SM-N976N,
  • SM-N980F
  • SM-N981B
  • SM-N985F
  • SM-N986B

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