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SPD Flash Tool And Flashing Guide

SPD Flash Tool And Flashing Guide

SPD Flash Tool And Flashing Guide

Step 1. Download SPD Flash Tool, extract it, you can ignore this step if you already have done it.

Step 2. Now find and download the stock ROM firmware based on PAC or P5C that to be installed on your SpreadTrum Chipset device.

Step 3. On your computer, head to the folder where you save the SPD Flash Tool. Within the folder you need to find and click on the file named; UpgradeDownload.exe / ResearchDownload.exe.

Step 4. SPD Flash Tool will be opened, now if you see the interface like this then power off your Android SpreadTrum Chipset device then connect it to your computer.

Step 5. Once your device is connected to the computer, click the Load Packed button, then search the .pac file on your computer.

Step 6. After you have added the .pac file to SPD Flash Tool, you can click Start Downloading button to begin the flashing process.

Step 7. Now the flashing process begins, during this moment, do nothing but wait till the entire processes done. Your device will perform the automatic reboot. The blue bar appears telling you the flashing progress.

Step 8. If done you will see the Previous Passed green notification from SPD Flash Tool.

Step 9. Finish.

Congratulations guys because you have mastered the how to use SPD Flash Tool guides! And if you have any questions then please to reveal them in the provided comment area!

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