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OPPO F1s A1601 Tested Flash File Free Download Without Password

OPPO F1S A1601 Flash File FREE Download Without Password 1601 Tested Flash File Free Download F1s Tested Flash File Free Download..

 OPPO F1s A1601 Tested Flash File Free Download Without Password

See you again with my writing.
This time I will share how to flash the  OPPO F1s (A1601) device
. This flashing aims to overcome "damage" to the F1s device system.
overcome slow devices, eliminate malware or  annoying pop up advertisements and also overcome hang logos or bootloops.

The first step.
Before carrying out the flashing process, make sure the battery on the device is 50-70% charged
to prevent it from being interrupted in the middle of the road while the flashing process is running.
Also prepare a computer/PC or laptop and USB cable.

F1s A1601 Flash File OPPO HalabTech Files Free 1.53GB After Extract 520MB FREE ZIP

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Step three.
After everything is downloaded, extract the MTK driver then install it.
then extract the Oppo F1s firmware, then open the extracted firmware folder.
Look for the file " DownloadTool_1612.8 " then double click to run.
DownloadTool_1612.8 " opens, click " Start all " wait for the
DownloadTool_1612.8 " process  to identify the firmware.

After the firmware identification process is complete, turn off the Oppo F1s device.
then press the volume up (+) and volume down (-) buttons simultaneously.
While still pressing both buttons, connect the device to the computer/PC using a USB cable.
If the computer/PC detects the Oppo F1s device, the flashing process will run automatically.
Wait for the process to complete (5-8 minutes).
After the flashing process is complete, the  " DownloadTool_1612.8 "  indicator will appear green and the message " Pass "

Unplug the USB, then turn on the device that has been flashed.
After the device successfully enters the menu display, setup as if on a new device.

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