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RomFw-PixelFlasher Tool v1.0 FREE Download

RomFw-PixelFlasher v1.0.RomFw-PixelFlasher Tool v1.0 FREE Download.Google Pixel Flasher Free Download.Google Pixel Flash Tool Free Download Without..

RomFw-PixelFlasher Tool

RomFw-PixelFlasher Tool v1.0 FREE Download FREE Tools 38.6MB FREE ZIP

RomFw-PixelFlasher v1.0

What in side 😳 👀 

As the name suggests this is an application to flash (update) Pixel™ phones (possibly all Google™ made phones/tablets, YMMV.)

PixelFlasher at its core is a UI layer (with bells and whistles) on top of adb / fastboot commands, hence many of its features can be used on non Pixel devices as well. (YMMV).

The executable which can be found in releases section is self contained and does not require Python™ to be installed on the system.

The application has two modes, normal mode (basic) and advanced mode (expert).

Basic mode: Should suit most users. Some of the features in basic mode are:

Simple UI interface, click and go. No more command line, no more placing all files in one directory.

boot.img management UI, select the boot.img file to patch and click the patch button. Fully Automated patching with Magisk (without manual steps) and perform upgrades without losing root.

No more manually extracting files transferring to the phone, patching / re-flashing and doing multiple reboots.

No more setting airplane mode and clearing storage to retain Safetynet passing.

Display details of boot.img (or init_boot.img for Pixel 7 or newer devices).

SHA1 checksum.

Origin (file it was extracted from).

Whether it is patched or not, and if it is patched.

What version of Magisk was used to patch it.

On what device it was patched.

Date of patching.

The SHA1 of the source boot.img file.

Option to Live boot from a choice of boot.img or patched image.

Flash just the boot / init_boot image.

Choose to keep data or wipe data while flashing.

Ability to flash even if multiple devices are connected to the computer.

Option to flash to inactive slot.

Display information about the phone.


Hardware model.

Device architecture.

Current installed firmware (build).

If it is rooted with Magisk.

Magisk version (Magisk Tools).

Magisk Manager version (the app).

List installed Magisk modules.

Connection mode (Adb | Fastboot | Sideload | Recovery).

Bootloader version.

Active slot.

Android OS API version.

Convenient quick links to download Android platform tools or device firmware.

And a lot more...

Magisk Manager installation UI, screenshot. Supported versions:

stable (official)

beta (official)

canary (official)

debug (official)



special build that disables modules, used to recover from bootloops due to bad module(s) when safe mode does not work.

Magisk Backup Manager, screenshot.

List all Magisk backups currently on the device.

Highlight the one that is backup of the current installed version.

Delete backups.

Manually add backup from PC.

Auto Backup: PixelFlasher figures out what needs to be backed up, and if it finds it on the PC, it creates the backup.

Magisk modules management, enable / disable modules selectively, this comes in handy to disable suspect modules before an upgrade screenshot:




Enabled / Disabled.

Display Android Platform Tools (SDK) version and warn / block if the version is old.

Install APK (an app) file from the computer onto the device.

Advanced features are hidden to keep the interface simple and easy to follow.

A lot of checks and validations for smooth operation.

Automatic check for program updates.

Package (Application) Manager, screenshot:

Disable (Freeze)



Install APK

Download APK


Show Package Details.

Expert mode: (should only be turned on by experienced users). In addition to the basic features, you get:

The ability to flash custom ROM (with or without patching boot.img)

Option to flash to both slots.

Options to disable verity and or verification.

Ability to change the active slot.

Ability to live boot to custom boot.img (temporary root).

Ability to boot to recovery.

Ability to flash custom image: boot, recovery, radio, kernel, ...

Ability to sideload an image.

Lock / Unlock bootloader.

Option to gain temporary root (good for testing or checking things out).

SOS Disable Magisk modules to get out of bootloop (experimental).

Partition Manager:

Erase single or multi partitions.

Dump / create backup of single or multi partitions and save to PC.


Android SDK Platform-Tools.

Android Pixel phone factory image or Android Pixel phone full OTA image.

Bootloader unlocked phone (see excellent guide links in credits section below).

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