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MauiMETA Version 10.1816.0.01

Maui Meta Tool Latest v 10.1816.0.01 Download Free ... This is the best Maui Meta Tool to update your IMEI, repair IMEI and backup ...

 MauiMETA Version 10.1816.0.01

This is the best Maui Meta Tool to update your IMEI, repair IMEI and backup or flash your IMEI. The latest Maui Meta Tool is being provided to download free for Windows. This is the best way to create your IMEI in different options. We are sharing the working Maui Meta Tool Latest for Windows at the bottom of this page. The working tool will help you with IMEI options.

The latest Maui Meta Tool is provided and available at the bottom of this page to download free. We are sharing the latest Maui Meta Tool Latest for Windows to download. You are trying to download the working Maui Meta Tool Latest for Windows. Get it now and install it on your Windows to repair your IMEI.

  • Download now the working Maui Meta Tool Latest.
  • Install it on your Windows.
  • Connect your device to the Windows.
  • Use the original USB cable to create a connection properly.
  • Repair, backup, or flash your device IMEI.
Maui Meta is the best and free tool Windows utility tool that allows you to flash and repair imei on all MTK (MediaTek) chipset android devices. It is also used to unlock blocked sim cards on MTK android devices. Download the Maui Meta 3G/4G tool to fix imei related issues from your MTK android smartphone, feature phone or tablet.

If you are looking for the latest updated version of Maui Meta Tool, then follow the link given at the end of this post. We have managed the direct download links for the latest version of Maui Meta tool. Now you can directly download Maui Meta Tool latest version v10 from the direct links below. Download and enjoy the latest version of Maui Meta Tool..

How To USE Maui Meta 3G/4G Tool?

  1. Download Extract and run Maui Meta Tool on your PC.
  2. Under the connection type, choose the option accordingly.
  3. Now click on the Reconnect from the top-right corner.
  4. Next switch off your phone and connect it with your computer using USB cable.
  5. The yellow color will appear in the circle if the device is successfully connected. It is red by default.
  6. When your phone is connected, connected with target message appear on the tool.
  7. Now choose the IMEI download option from the drop-down.
  8. New dialog box appears on the screen. Click on Change NVRAM database file.
  9. Now choose the BPLGUIinfo file. The file would have a long name.
  10. Now enter starting 14 digits of IMEI you wish to be your next IMEI and in CheckSum write the 15th digit of IMEI.
  11. After it, click on Download to Flash.
System Requirements For Maui Meta Tool

  • A Windows Installed PC.
  • Maui Meta 3G/4G Tool latest version.
  • MTK VCOM Driver must be installed on your PC
  • USB Data cable for your device.
Download File

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