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Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.08 - New models and repair features

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Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.08 - New models and repair features 

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 Download Link : GDrive  MediaFire


Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.08 - New models and repair features !

Please do not forget to download new drivers v5.1632_x86_x64 !

 Changed : Loader v1952 supported and tested
 BugFix  : Rebuild support for MT6572 line ( KaiOs and old devices )
 Changed : Automatic selection of higher available BASE loader at startup
 Changed : Automatic protocol switching for RAPHAEL line
 Changed : Initial META protocol support
 Changed : AutomaticBoot selection revised. More types and combinations are supported.
 Changed : Protocol updated for RAPHAEL line

 New feature : Meta protocol support activated
 !*Support Legacy line ( MT6572 .. MT6595 )
 !*Support Raphael line ( MT6750 .. MT6797 )
 !*Support Modern Raphael line ( MT6761, MT6765 and newer )

 Function : Identify ( AP/MD, SWversion info, Security details )
 Function : Reset Settings / Format FS ( NOT touch FRP )
 Function : Repair security for
 Legacy line  ( from MT6572 and up to 6580 )
 Raphael line ( from MT6570 to MT6765 etc. )

 !*Devices with SLA will not work for repair without auth! ( even if Meta started )
 !*Devices with OTP will not work for repair! ( SW will just show write error )

 Changed : Format FS procedure updated
 BugFix  : Identify procedure updated and revised
 Changed : eMMC life counter check ( Raphael, more accurate status handling for latest loaders )

 Changed : Reset Privacy Locks procedure updated

 BugFix  : Long-run reading optimized for RAPHAEL line

Firmware reader:
 Changed : Updated support for legacy platforms
 Changed : Updated support for MT6739 FP-like and KaiOS phones
 Changed : Local database update
 Changed : Data verification improved
 Changed : More types supported

 BugFix  : In some cases were made wrong SV5_BL image selection for EMI base
 Changed : Protocol updated for RAPHAEL line
 Changed : Protocol update for LEGACY line
 BugFix  : Flash Erase ( whole mode ) revised
 BugFix  : Flash Pre-Erase ( safe upgrade mode ) revised

 Changed : Boot helper updated. Take attention to software logs and follow them. In most cases that enough to setup correct settings
 New feature : Reboot option activated in main tab. Switch charge / power off mode after operations
 New feature : META switch option activated in main tab. Used to switch SW between FLASH and META mode
 Changed : Loader database updated
 Changed : Minor changes in GUI, check buttons/fields hints to know more about alternative modes and special options of supported functions

 META require working device condition. Charged battery (more than 20%). Installed drivers.

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